South Crete Plakias investment project, seaside villas for sale. Plakias plots for development and construction of individual Villas.Houseproject in South Crete.


Property No: 2876

Πληροφορίες ακινήτου

Ακίνητα προς Πώληση
Γεωγραφικός Τόπος: Νότια Κρήτη
Τύπος Ακινήτου: ακίνητα επένδυσης
Εμβαδόν οικοπέδου m²: 240,00
Εμβαδόν ακινήτου m²: 110,00
Τιμή: 269.000,00€


Αναλυτική περιγραφή

Beachside Investment project-Custom Design Luxury Villas on a Beachside plot in Plakias 

On a beachside plot with panoramic sea views, located in the famous Plakias bay in Southern Crete, just 90 m. from the beach, we offer the great opportunity to our clients to build their dream home in Crete. Our architects and engineers have subdivided the land in 5 individual plots, ensuring privacy, sea views, access and flexibility for the custom-architectural-design. The plots vary from each other, in relation to the area, the shape in order to achieve different goals of the future owners, based on their individual needs and preferences. Upon each of the plots one may build from 100 sq.m. up to 140 sq.m. , depending on the preferences and priorities of the future owner. 

 Plot 1: This plot is situated in the front side, providing unobstructed sea views and direct access from the front road. The total area of the plot is 170 sq.m. with a 108 sq.m. buildable area (covered, ground floor area). The plot has enough space for a spacious building-covered area, swimming pool and parking space. It can build from 100 sq.m. to 140 sq.m. of main living areas on two levels. (The projected example design of the image gallery is based on this plot of land). Area: 170 sq.m. Main living spaces: 100 sq.m. – 140 sq.m. Buildable plot area (Plot Cover): 108 sq.m. Price: 269.000€ - 343.000€

 Plot 2: The 2nd plot is situated in the center of the three front plots. It is a good sized plot with panoramic views, making the architectural design more flexible and adaptive. The total area of the plot is 240 sq.m. with a 140 sq.m. buildable area (covered, ground floor area).The large plot area, provides spacious ground floor spaces, swimming pool and parking or a closed garage. On this plot, the future owner can build a house from 100 to 140 sq.m., on two levels. Area: 240 sq.m. Main living spaces: 100 sq.m. – 140 sq.m. Buildable plot area (Plot cover): 140 sq.m. Price: 289.000€ - 374.000€

 Plot 3: This is a 245 sq.m. plot, situated in the back side of the plot. The access to this plot is provided by a common use drive way of the land. This plot provides privacy and large exterior spaces to the future owner. The total area of the plot is 245 sq.m. with a 110 sq.m. of buildable area (covered, ground floor area). The total area of the main living spaces of this plot is from 100 to 140 sq.m., on two levels . Area: 240 sq.m. Main Living spaces: 100 sq.m. – 140 sq.m. 
Buildable plot area (Plot cover) : 110 sq.m. Price: 242.000€ -314.000€ 

 Plot 4: The plot number 4 is situated in the north-eastern side of the land. The access to this plot is provided by a common use drive way. Provides privacy and large exterior spaces are the great advantages of this plot, which is totally 254 sq.m. and has a 145 sq.m. buildable area (covered, ground floor area). The total area of the main living spaces that can be built in the no 4 plot is from 100 sq.m. to 140 sq.m., on two levels. Area: 254 sq.m. Main Living Spaces: 100 sq.m. – 140 sq.m. Price: 242.000€ - 314.000€

 Plot 5 : Reserved – Not Available 

Architecture – Construction 

Our architects and engineers will undertake the process of the customized architectural design. Based on the preferences and needs of each plot owner, and in close cooperation with him, we will design and illustrate his dream mediterranean style home. Starting from the interior spaces, (bedrooms,bathrooms,etc.), the design process will proceed to the exterior spaces and finally to the façade design. Special preferences such as swimming pools, Blinds, and gardens will be fulfilled at this stage and will be presented by the final architectural concept. The image gallery includes a design presentation of an example of the architectural study, which we have created for the plot no1, including floor plans and photorealistic images. After the design and the permits - licenses have been completed, our team of engineers will take over all the stages of the construction process. Investment opportunity This project is attractive not only because of the great location (90 m. from the Sandy beach) and the low and flexible costs, but also because it can also be considered a profitable investment that can generate a remarkable annual income to its owner in the case of a touristic rental. By applying for an E.O.T., (Greek Tourism Organization), license at the early stages of the architectural design and by getting provided a small scale rental business approval, the owner will not just benefit from the opportunity to have a full V.A.T. return for the construction cost, but one will be also able to receive an annual income by renting the house during the time he will not live in it himself. 

Advantages of the project:

 Great location, just 90 meters from one of the greatest beaches on Crete.
 Custom Design, according to the buyer’s needs and preferences
 Low final expenses for the buyer
 Great investment opportunity
 New construction, following the new European high construction standards

Click HERE to download the project's brochure

The above prices range are based on the main living area of the houses (100 – 140 sq.m.), for high standard construction quality and don’t include swimming pool or other special elements, which can also be agreed on in advance, according clients desire.

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