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110,00170,00Rethymno stone house for Sale 110m² habitable, landscape views. Real estate North Crete.85.000,00€

102,00407,00Stavromenos Villa for Sale 102m², with swimming pool and sea views. Villas North Crete.160.000,00€

1.360,004.000,00Kolimbari at the suburbs 8 Villas for Sale 1360m², with swimming pool, furnished, with sea views. Villas West Crete.2.000.000,00€

160,000,00Rethymno maisonette-apartment for Sale within a village, 160m2 with panoramic views of the surroundings .North Crete.120.000,00€

171,00115,00Old Town Rethymno stone house for Sale 171m2 traditional, views over the old town. Real estate North Crete.280.000,00€

150,00180,00Plakias house for Sale 150m2 habitable.panoramic view over the sea.Real estate South Crete.140.000,00€

150,001.500,00Chania maisonette for Sale 150m2 Luxury, sea views. Real estate West Crete.250.000,00€

300,00500,00Stavromenos near the Beach Apartment's Unit for Sale 300m2, Bargains, with sea views. Villas north Crete.310.000,00€

190,000,00Archanes-Heraklion maisonette for Sale 190m2 for restoration. panoramic views of the surroundings. Real estate North Crete.30.000,00€

287,002.241,00Paros maisonette for Sale 287.00m2 available.panoramic view over the sea . Real estate Cyclades.690.000,00€

246,00769,00Perama maisonette for Sale 246m2 Bargains. sea views. Real estate North Crete.135.000,00€

177,000,00Piraeus apartment for Sale 177m2 near the town-Properties special offers with sea views . Athens.280.000,00€

91,00600,00Agios Nikolaos Crete Maisonettes for sale presenting great opportunity. Rea Estate East Crete125.000,00€

56,00102,00Plaka maisonette for Sale 56m2 REDUCED PRICE.sea views . Real estate West Crete.83.000,00€

70,000,00Agia Pelagia maisonette for Sale 70m2 furnished. sea views. Real estate North Crete.200.000,00€

280,000,00Pereus maisonette for Sale 280m2 Luxury.Panoramic view over the sea . Real estate Athens.1.550.000,00€

300,001.000,00Agios Nikolaos maisonette 300.00m² for Sale-Luxury.sea views . Real estate East Crete.550.000,00€

160,00300,00Panormos seafront maisonette 160m2 for Sale-available. Sea views. Real estate North Crete320.000,00€

312,000,00Rethymno maisonette 312.00m2 for Sale-for restoration.views over the old town.Real estate Crete.290.000,00€

138,00200,00Rethymno house for sale 138m2 with sea views .Real estate North Crete.130.000,00€


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