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330,0010.000,00Apokoronas Vamos Chania at the edge of the village villa 330m2with swimming pool for Sale. furnished, with panoramic view over the landscape. Villas West Crete.350.000,00€

150,005.600,00Semi-Detached house of 150m2 with pool for sale in Elounda550.000,00€

300,004.000,00Stylish Crete 5 bedroom villa with sea view and pool for sale near Aghios Nikolaos1.450.000,00€

187,00318,00Agios Pavlos stone house 187.00m2 for Sale-furnished.mountain views . Real estate South Crete.250.000,00€

104,00542,00Spili at the edge of the village villa 104.00m2 for Sale. furnished, with panoramic views of the surroundings .Villas Central Crete.125.000,00€

110,00600,00Matala at the edge of the village villa 110m2 for Sale. available, with panoramic view over the landscape .Villas South Crete.225.000,00€

300,006.500,00Agios Nikolaos within the countryside villa 300m2 for Sale. available, with landscape views .Villas East Crete.425.000,00€

350,002.000,00Agios Nikolaos near the Beach villa 350.00m2with swimming pool for Sale. Luxury, with sea views .Villas East Crete.850.000,00€

140,004.500,00Luxury 3 bed Crete villa for sale in Elounda700.000,00€

125,00250,00Elounda near the Beach villa 125.00m2 for Sale. available, with sea views .Villas East Crete.400.000,00€

201,17550,00Furnished villa with mountain views a short drive to South coast beaches. In Kamilari, South Crete220.000,00€

386,002.150,00Paros house 386.00m2 for Sale-near a sandy beach.sea views . Real estate Cyclades.550.000,00€

413,002.337,00Luxury seaside villa is for sale in Elounda3.500.000,00€

310,00236,00Rethymno villa for Sale, 310m2with swimming pool,GTO lisence and landscape views.Villas Crete.570.000,00€

405,008.056,00Villas with amazingly beautiful view1.580.000,00€

138,00200,00Rethymno house for sale 138m2 with sea views .Real estate North Crete.130.000,00€

160,001.000,00Rethymno at the edge of the village villa 160.00m2 for Sale. habitable, with panoramic views of the surroundings . North Crete.140.000,00€

300,001.100,00Agios Nikolaos house 300.00m2-habitable for Sale. No particular views .Real estate East Crete.950.000,00€

145,00500,00Rethymno villa 145m2 for Sale, upon a hill with sea views . North Crete.280.000,00€

400,004.564,00Rethymno luxury villa 400m2 for sale upon a hill,with panoramic view over the landscape.North Crete.1.350.000,00€


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