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Having 26 years experience in the real estate field, Euroimmo, along with its associates network offer a wide variety of properties for sale, located not only on the island of Crete, but all over Greece and the rest of the Greek islands. During the sale process, every property is carefully checked, technically from our engineers, and legally by experienced associates lawyers, guaranteeing to our clients a safe property transaction.


Our services cover all the aspects related to the property market.Our agents undertake to manage the whole process of a property sale or rental and our engineers will cover every technical aspect regarding the property.

  • Financial Responsibility and Integrity to Our Clients
  • Wide variety of Properties
  • We promote our properties and communicate with our clients in 7 languages
  • We participate in a very broad property market network
  • Professionalism
  • Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction


  • What are the extra costs on a property purchase?

    The additional costs, including transfer tax,notary fees,lawyer fees,estate agency commission and engineers fees are equal to aprox. 8-10% of the property price.

  • Are property prices negotiable?

    Every case is different, depending of the market trend and the owner’s need to sell, nevertheless when a serious offer is on the table, it usually comes to a deal. There is always space for negotiations for reasonable offers.

  • I want to buy a plot to build a house, how can i be sure that the plot is build-able?

    The building rights of a property depend on the location, total area of the plot and other parameters. In order to clarify the building rights, we measure the topography of the plot, the existing building and we do the technical research. After the technical research we have a clear picture of the building rights of the plot. The second step is to apply for build-ability certificates to the authorities (archaeology,forestry etc.) to ensure that the plot can be built.

  • I wish to sell my property but i don't know what the right price is. Can you help me with a price estimation ?

    Yes, we will be able to help you with the selling price estimation, if you provide us all the necessary information and documentation of the property.

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