What has happened with the Supreme Court’s decision for the 67 villages in Rethymno-Crete

What has happened with the Supreme Court’s decision for the 67 villages in Rethymno-Crete

According to a non-officially published (yet) decision of the Greek Supreme Court,two legislative acts in 2009 which were referring to the urban planning of 67 villages in Rethymno were cancelled,as they were judged as “unconstitutional”.Not all the villages have the same legal problem, as one of the legislative acts was referring to 28 villages and the second was referring to other 39 villages…

After this decision, which has not been published yet officially by the Supreme Court, 28 villages which until today had specific village boundaries for the urban planning, have no boundaries, so the properties located at these villages cannot be specified by the surveyors as properties located inside the village’s urban planning.That happened because the first legislation act in 2009, was specifying the boundaries on maps for some of the 28 villages and for the others was proclaiming them officially as villages.

The list of these villages:

  • -Adelianos Kampos
  • -Ag. Paraskevi (Amari)
  • -Agalianos
  • -Agia
  • -Aimonas
  • -Aktounta
  • -Ano Sachtouria
  • -Ardaktos
  • -Atsipopoulo
  • -Chonos
  • -Drosia
  • -Foteinou
  • -Garipas
  • -Gianniou
  • -Kalyvos
  • -Kato Sachtouria
  • -Kato Varsamonero
  • -Kruoneri-Tsachiana-Agridia
  • -Lefkogeia
  • -Loutra
  • -Patsos
  • -Pigianos Kampos
  • -Prases
  • -Prines
  • -Sellia
  • -Sises
  • -Skepasti
  • -Violi Charaki

For the rest of the 67 villages of Rethymno (39 villages) the second legislation act of 2009 which was cancelled, was proclaiming that at the old boundaries of these villages were extended to a new boundary which was regarded as a “800 m. zone” from the center of the village. The plots of land which were located in this zone, had the building rights of the plots within the old boundaries.For these villages, it seems that the problem is only to the plots located in the extended area of the village and not to those located within the old village boundaries, although we will have to wait for the official decision.It is important to notify that not all the villages with the 800m. extension have problem after the Court’s decision, but only the villages that were referred at this specific legislation act. The list of these villages is:

  • -Agia Paraskevi
  • -Agios Georgios (Rethymno)
  • -Agios Ioannis (Agios Vasileios)
  • -Agios Ioannis (Amari)
  • -Agkouseliana
  • -Aloides
  • -Ano Viran Episkopi
  • -Chani Alexandrou
  • -Chanothiana
  • -Dariviana
  • -Drigies
  • -Erfoi
  • -Kannevos
  • -Kardaki
  • -Koxare
  • -Kyrianna
  • -Lampiotes
  • -Livadia
  • -Magnisia
  • -Mariana
  • -Meronas
  • -Miriokefala
  • -Monastiraki
  • -Mourne
  • -Nithavris
  • -Opsigias
  • -Orthes
  • -Pagkalochori
  • -Palailimnos
  • -Pasalites
  • -Platania
  • -Prines
  • -Roupes
  • -Rousospiti
  • -Seli
  • -Skouloufia
  • -Vatos
  • -Viran Episkopi
  • -Vryses (Agios Vasileios)

What is happening next with these villages?

As long as there is no official notice from the Supreme Court yet, the local community is waiting for it. The transactions (property sale contracts) and the building permits at these villages have frozen and the civilians, professionals, public officers are just waiting for the official notice from the Supreme Court. In one way or another, the problem will finally be solved and these villages will come again in normality, the question is how much time the solution will require…