Each building plot is unique and each owner who intends to build, would like the design to meet his unique style preferences and needs. The architectural design is implemented through projects and digital models, enabling the designer and owner a direct co-operation, aiming to achieve a functional and aesthetic result, and cost analysis following client’s wishes. The design steps are as following:

1) Plot study

After completion of the exact topographic plan of the land are being specified  the building conditions as,  building rights and limitations of the plot, the plot insolation and the developable area of ​​the site. The chart analysis of the plot, gives an initial idea to the designer and owner, based on which begins the architectural design.



2) Architectural Drawings

The floor plans, facades and sections which reflect the architectural concept, highlight these elements on one dimension.  At this stage of the produced, the basic architectural proposals in relation to the room division, the spaces and facades are being created.


3) Photorealistic design

Upon completion of the line drawings, with which it is not easy to have an accurate perception of final outcome, follows the digital embodiment, with photorealistic day and night lighting images for outdoors and indoors. This method of presentation allows the owner to fully understand the final result, the functionality of the space requirements, as well as aesthetic results and materials, based on real dimensions, of the Three-D presentation of the project.




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