Technical Support

We provide a comprehensive service on technical issues related to the process of conducting technical controls of buildability before buying a property, as well by renovation of an old property or construction of a new project.


Individual Architecture

The architecture of a new construction, is being developed according to the preferences of our customers, engaging themselves in the final configuration and the style of their future home.


Bioclimatic Design

With respect to the greek architecture and to the environment, we design and construct following the traditional morphologies, with ecological and traditional materials adapted to the needs of a residential or commercial building.


Cost management

Starting from the design process to the building completion, we manage the construction  cost and of our goal is that the desired project outcome will be in accordance with initial  prescribed cost.


Cutting Edge Technology

With the help of modern software design - analysis and construction management, we achieve a complete overview of the architectural, the for Structural design and design management of a structure.                                                                         






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