Sales Manager

Nikos Kasotakis

Construction Manager 

Giorgos Kasotakis

Certidfied International Property Specialist

Civil Engineer - N.T.U of Athens

Was founded in 1991 and is offering a wide range of real estate services , which comprise :

Real estate agent's sales & rental services :
Our agency provides comprehensive real estate services for buying or selling of property in Greece A reach selection of properties mainly on Crete, as well as on the rest of the Greek islands, Athens and rest of greece and provide a comprehensive service for buying or selling of property Our company is assisting you during the purchase process as well as mortgage process, that is from opening a bank account to enable the payment of the deposit. We also arrange a Power of Attorney through a local lawyer for the completion process in the case of your absence, and for the payment of transfer fees, and purchase tax.

Construction department:
Our technical department led by the Civil Engineer Giorgos Kasotakis undertakes construction of your house in collaboration with experienced builders. Additionally undertakes the studies and building permit procedures and provides full service package that includes digital imaging, according to your own desires to have a full picture of your future home even before it was built .
The services offered by our technical department is
1) Technical survey reports.
2) Building permit.
3 ) Construction cost estimation.
4) Construction.
5) Support and advice when buying land (buildability approval, building terms, topographic chart, etc.)
6) Energy Performance Certificates. more.....

Property promotion packages .
You now may upload your property on line to our web sites and it will be transaled and promoted in seven languages, ( Greek English. German , French, Italian, Norwegian and Russian and many other countries by just by registering and filling in the property info form by .


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