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How to check if a plot is buildable in Greece

Helpful tips when buying a plot of land outside the building zones in Crete-Greece.

Many people prefer to buy an isolated plot of land in Greece to build their dream home, far away from noisy cities and crowded places, to enjoy the peace and beauty of the countryside. However, there are a few important points to keep in mind, so you stay on the safe side, to ensure that the plot is buildable and to avoid unpleasant surprises.
It is highly recommended that you first seek advice from a professional, e.g. an established estate agent, to find the right plot of land to ensure that your interests are protected.

Once you have found the right property in terms of location, please consider the following initial steps when buying a plot of land in the countryside, like:

Tip No.1)

Request an up-to-date topographical plan, in which the exact boundaries and size of the plot of land are indicated by the topographer-construction engineer, as well as the building law and his signed and stamped confirmation that the plot is buildable.

Tip No.2)

Make sure that the land has a forestry permit which certifies that it is not classified as forestry land, in which case it is not buildable.

Tip No.3)

Check that there is a certificate from the archaeological authority confirming that there are no archaeological objections to the land being buildable.

Tip Νo.4)

Check whether there is a certificate from the agricultural authority confirming that the land is not highly productive and that there are no objections from this authority regarding the buildability of the land.

Tip Νo.5)

Check whether there is a document from the local district authority confirming that the land does not include any public land within its boundaries.

Tip Νo.6)

Check utilities such as water, electricity, and telephone lines, if they are nearby, and whether the land is served by a public or private road or a servitude road, to ensure supplies are available.

All the above documents must be obtained before purchase, as they are necessary to obtain a building permit.

It will be advisable to hire an established construction company that will provide civil engineers and architects to carry out technical checks and ensure that the land is ready for development and to assist you later during the construction process. It is also useful not to delay the application for a building permit, which is valid for the next 4 years, with the possibility of renewing it for another 2 years, in order to secure future changes in the building regulations of the land, as there is a tendency to reduce them in order to protect the natural landscape due to EU norms.