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Euroimmo offers integrated services around properties sales, architecture, construction and consultancy. Founded back in 1991, the company is established as one of the most reliable real estate agencies on Crete, with a network of associates all over Crete and Greece.

Since 2012 Euroimmo is also staffed with a technical team of Civil Engineers and an Architect and provides construction, home renovation services and full technical cover facilitating property transactions of the property sales. Offering integrated solutions around the property market and the construction field, Euroimmo is considered as one of the few one-stop-shop companies around properties on Crete.


Price: 450,000€
North Rethymno 3-bedroom Villa for sale
Skaleta region 120sq.m villa for sale, near the beach, with swimming pool.
Plot Area: 500 m2
Building Area 120 m2
ID: 4889
Price: 150,000€
Rethymno town, building plot 86 sq.m. near the beach
Rethymno building plot 86sq.m. for sale, near a sandy beach, with sea views.
Plot Area: 86 m2
Building Rights: 150 m2
ID: 4831
Price: 80,000€
Near Adele, building plot 1.015sq.m. with sea views. North Rethymno
At the edge of a village near Adele building plot 1,015sq.m. for sale
Plot Area: 1015 m2
Building Rights: 400 m2
ID: 4868
Price: 950,000€
Crete, luxury villa for sale.
Crete-Rethymnon, luxury villa for sale, 290sq.m., with swimming pool, panoramic view over the sea and the white mountains.Price Negotiable.
Plot Area: 6000 m2
Building Area 380 m2
ID: 4322
Price: 130,000€
Near Rethymno, building plot 1.100sq.m. for sale
Gallos area of Rethymno building plot at the edge of the village, with landscape views.
Plot Area: 1100 m2
Building Rights: 400 m2
ID: 4935
Price: 350,000€
Chania 250sq.m. 4 bedroom Villa for sale, panoramic views of the sea
Kastellos, Chania Kournas Spacious Villa 250sq.m.for sale, panoramic views of the sea.
Plot Area: 3100 m2
Building Area 250 m2
ID: 4833
Price: 99,000€
Georgioupolis, building plot 700sq.m. for sale with sea views.
Chania Kavros building plot 700sq.m., with sea views. West Crete
Plot Area: 700 m2
Building Rights: 420 m2
ID: 4582
Price: 85,000€
Plakias, building plot 2.030sq.m. with sea views. South Rethymno
Plakias building plot 2,030sq.m. For sale, at the edge of Asomatos village, with sea views.
Plot Area: 2030 m2
Building Rights: 680 m2
ID: 4939


Price: 650,000€
East Crete Detached house on one level for sale with panoramic view
Agios Nikolaos Detached house on one level for sale with panoramic view
Building Area: 120 m2
Plot Area: 4000 m2
Building Rights: 80 m2
ID: 5015
Price: 40,000€
South Crete, building plot 5,500sq.m. For sale panoramic views of the surroundings.
South Crete , 14kms from Agia Galini, building plot 5,500sq.m. for sale, at the edge of the village, with stunning mountain and distant sea views .
Plot Area: 5500 m2
Building Rights: 200 m2
ID: 5013
Price: 1,150,000€
Villa with panoramic sea and town view for sale. Agios Nikolaos
Agios Nikolaos Villa with panoramic sea and town view for sale
Building Area: 518 m2
Plot Area: 1239 m2
Building Rights: 140 m2
ID: 5012
Price: 170,000€
Prines Rethymno, building plot 1.400sq.m. for sale with distant sea views
Near Rethymno building plot 1, the edge of Prines village, with distant sea views.
Plot Area: 1400 m2
Building Rights: 400 m2
ID: 5011
Price: 990,000€
Unique land plot of 14.000m2 for sale in the exclusive Elounda, Crete
Unique land plot of 14.000m2 for sale in the exclusive Elounda, Crete
Plot Area: 14000 m2
Building Rights: 520 m2
ID: 5008
Price: 400,000€
Rethymno, building plot 785sq.m. near the beach
Rethymno Misiria building plot 785sq.m. For sale, near a sandy beach.
Plot Area: 785 m2
Building Rights: 400 m2
ID: 5004
Price: 280,000€
Semi detached 3 bedrooms house for sale close to Aghios Nikolaos
Semi detached 3 bedrooms house for sale close to Aghios Nikolaos
Building Area: 124 m2
Plot Area: 308 m2
ID: 5002
Price: 170,000€
A lovely village house with a large garden within the village of Frati
Near Spili, house for sale 100sq.m. Available. Mountain views.
Building Area: 100 m2
Plot Area: 2000 m2
ID: 4998
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Why Crete is attractive to travelers, holiday property buyers & Real estate investors
Crete forms a significant part of the economy and cultural heritage of Greece, while retaining its own local cultural traits (such as its own poetry and music). The total population of the island is around 650.000. There is no heavy industry on the island and, apart from tourism, locals engage in livestock rearing (predominantly sheep and goats) and produce high quality olive oil from the ubiquitous olives.
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Building Regulations in Greece Rights and Restictions
When it comes to a plot purchase interest from a client, the first question that we are always asked is “What are the Building Rights on this plot of land?”. This article will help you understand the basic “plot categories” and their build-ability.
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3 useful tips for people who wish to buy land and build their dream home in Crete Greece
Building a house is worldwide an experience that can be very challenging and it can be more challenging when building a house in a foreign country, without being present on the project, so in order to make the experience nice and smooth, it is important to choose the correct professionals and will follow the correct steps from the plot purchase to the final delivery of the house.