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Euroimmo offers integrated services around properties sales, architecture, construction and consultancy. Founded back in 1991, the company is established as one of the most reliable real estate agencies on Crete, with a network of associates all over Crete and Greece.

Since 2012 Euroimmo is also staffed with a technical team of Civil Engineers and an Architect and provides construction, home renovation services and full technical cover facilitating property transactions of the property sales. Offering integrated solutions around the property market and the construction field, Euroimmo is considered as one of the few one-stop-shop companies around properties on Crete.


Price: 70,000€
Atsipopoulo within the village old house 90sq.m. for sale.
Rethymno, 2-storey house for sale 90sq.m. for restoration.
Building Area 90 m2
ID: 4676
Price: 445,000€
In the old town of Rethymno luxury stone house 150sq.m. for sale.
Rethymno, Stone house for sale 150sq.m. 2-3 bedrooms. Views of the surroundings.
Building Area 151 m2
ID: 4618
Price: 260,000€
Heraklion 134sq.m. Villa for sale, sea views.
Heraklion, villa for sale, near Rodia village, 134sq.m., with sea views
Plot Area: 330 m2
Building Area 134 m2
ID: 4617
Price: 60,000€
Kyrianna building plot for Sale and enjoys sea views.
East Rethymnon, Crete 2 building plots for sale. 1st plot of 513sq.m and 2nd of 340 sq.m with sea views.
Plot Area: 850 m2
Building Rights: 400 m2
ID: 2175
Price: 260,000€
Adele, villa for Sale.
Rethymnon Adele. A 2 bedroom villa with pool and nice views. Villas North Crete.
Plot Area: 500 m2
Building Area 110 m2
ID: 4161
Price: 30,000€
Asomatos, building plot 900sq.m. for sale
South Rethymnon building plot 900sq.m. for sale, at the edge of the village, with landscape views.
Plot Area: 900 m2
Building Rights: 400 m2
ID: 4577
Price: 150,000€
Mariou building plot for Sale and enjoys sea views. South Rethymnon
Plakias Mariou investment land for sale at the edge of a traditional village. South Crete real estate
Plot Area: 2247 m2
Building Rights: 400 m2
ID: 4224
Price: 400,000€
Rethymno 2 villas of 400sq.m. for sale, with sea views.
Rethymno 2 villas for sale, upon a hill, with 8 bedrooms, under construction.
Plot Area: 4500 m2
Building Area 400 m2
ID: 4633


Price: 400,000€
Rethymno 245sq.m. unfinished Villa for sale, panoramic view over the sea.
Rethymno 6 bedroom villa for sale, upon a hill, 245sq.m., with panoramic view over the sea, under construction.
Building Area: 245 m2
Plot Area: 4100 m2
ID: 4689
Price: 40,000€
Within the village of Harkia, stone house 107sq.m. For sale.
Harkia village, stone house 107sq.m. for restoration.
Building Area: 107 m2
Plot Area: 150 m2
Building Rights: 120 m2
ID: 4688
Price: 60,000€
Charkia village, building plot 4,100sq.m. for sale with sea views. North Rethymno
Arkadi Region building plot 4,100sq.m. For sale, outside of Charkia village, with sea views.
Plot Area: 4100 m2
Building Rights: 187 m2
ID: 4687
Price: 470,000€
East Crete Apartment of 125m2 with amazing sea views for sale
Agios Nikolaos Apartment of 125m2 with amazing sea views for sale
Building Area: 125 m2
ID: 4686
Price: 530,000€
North Rethymno Stone Villa 265sq.m. with panoramic views over the sea.
Near Adele Rethymno Stone House 265m2 with sea views. Real estate North Crete.
Building Area: 265 m2
Plot Area: 370 m2
ID: 4684
Price: 149,000€
Agios Nikolaos Maisonettes for sale near the beach
East Crete Maisonettes for sale near the beach
Building Area: 91 m2
Plot Area: 4000 m2
ID: 4683
Price: 400,000€
Agios Nikolaos A newly built maisonette with pool and sea view
A newly built maisonette with pool and sea view. Agios Nikolaos
Building Area: 124 m2
ID: 4682
Price: 360,000€
A newly built maisonette with garden for sale in Amoudara Agiou Nikolaou
A newly built maisonette with garden for sale in Amoudara Agiou Nikolaou
Building Area: 117 m2
ID: 4681
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