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The recovery from the pandemic

In the year 2022 , after 2 years of strict quarantine and total isolation of the world, the reaction of man and his thirst for a return to normal life rhythms, was self-evident.

Activity seemed to return to a very intense pace

and this was very much reflected in the statistics of tourist bookings,

which surpassed the previous Pick of the best previous best tourist year for Greece, that of 2019.

The war in Ukraine

It followed the shock of an unexpected war in the heart of Europe that put in doubt the apparent resumption of Europe's economy to pre-covid levels, centered on the energy problem and the threat of the fuel supply shortages, especially for the industrialized countries of the north.

This has resulted in the psychological freeze of the world, more than the real, as it turns out, but with consequences for the cost of living of European citizens and elsewhere.

Life in Crete

We who have the good fortune to live in Crete, one of the southernmost and most sunny places in Europe, we have once again found out how lucky we are to have such to live in this beautiful place, with an average of 310 sunny days a year, which especially in this winter, when we need it so much more has so far given us the sunniest days than any previous one, with the direct consequence of minimal energy for heating in the winter months.  At the same time the fact that the island can provide produce to a high degree of self-sufficiency many of the necessities for daily life table products. as olive oil, vegetables, wild greens, etc., of excellent quality and at relatively affordable prices, avoiding the cost and wear and tear of transport, allows us to look to the future with greater optimism.

These advantages, in addition to us the local residents of the island and our quality of life, are shared by the thousands of northern Europeans who have either bought or built on the island and have chosen and continue to choose Crete as their place of living, and continue to do so, not only during the summer months as common tourists, but as permanent residents of the island. island, enjoying the friendship, hospitality, zero crime and the warmth of our island, together with its local inhabitants.

How the property market in Crete is affected

Real estate in Crete is still affordable compared to other markets in southern Europe and offers unparalleled advantages in terms of quality and value for money and quality of life.

For all these reasons, after a numbing of their market the last few months of last year, interest from other Europeans and non-Europeans alike to buy a house in Crete, seems to be reviving at a strong pace.

There is still a supply of secondhand houses in good condition, needing minor or major repairs in the 100.000 - 200.000 € zone, but also in larger categories, in the 200.000 - 1.000.000 € zone. The values of the plots vary, depending on their location in relation to the distance from the sea and residential - tourist centers, both in the north and in the south Crete, as well as by their building rate, starting from 40.000 €, up to 100.000 , out of town and at higher prices in and around the cities and around the coastal zone, which encourages many interested parties to design and build their homes to modern, high standards quality and at relatively affordable prices compared to other parts of Europe. All these elements make Crete one of the most attractive places on the earth to live in, in our times.