Melina Neonaki

Мелина Неонаки

Мелина - младший архитектор нашего коллектива, на выпускном курсе архитектурной школы при Техническом университете Крита.

Она творчески подходит ко всем нашим архитектурным проектам и поддерживает их. Мелина готовит проекты, презентации, а также с большой страстью вносит свой вклад в архитектурные композиции, которые берет на себя наша команда.

Мелина очень многообещающий талант, работает с большим вниманием, обладает командным духом и стала очень важным членом нашей команды.

Мелина Неонаки

Our mission: To support and upgrade Real Estate on Crete

We help our customers to find their “best-fit” Real Estate solutions, by offering a variety of properties and by offering integrated architecture and building services.

The two different units of our company combine the market knowledge (Real Estate Agency) and the technical art (Architecture) and science (Engineering) resulting to integrated services around properties, aiming to support our mission...An upgraded Real Estate Market on Crete.

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Nikos Kasotakis
Founder CEO
Giorgos Kasotakis
Chief Engineer
Menelaos Kontogiannis
Real Estate Manager
Theodore Tsachakis
Engineer - Construction Manager
Argiro Kourmoulaki
Melina Neonaki
Dimitris Maratos
Engineer - Project Manager
Find or build your property on Crete
In cooperation with professional real estate associates allover Crete, we offer a great variety of properties. Our people work hard to provide the best real estate services, with a day-to-day updated properties database, direct response to enquiries and full technical and legal cover on every transaction.
Locate your ideal plot and build your new home on Crete
Our Architects and Engineers Team, can help you design and build your custom-made dream home, that fully responds to your needs. Following the European Standards under the National Regulations and our passion for Architecture and long-term value of Real Estate, we build…different!