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Nowadays, information is easily accessible on the Internet and a simple search gives us millions of search results, related to the search key words. This is also the case in the real estate market, where the internet is now taking the major part of the sales pie. Anyone wishing to buy, or sell a property, begins his research through his smartphone, while enjoying his coffee break, thousands of miles away from the location of his dream home, and can immediately access numerous web sites offering properties. He can also contact the property owner or a local estate agent and arrange a property viewing. If things are so simple to approach and having the possibility to reach a property owner and thus avoid paying the agent’s commission.

Taking into account that buying or building a house is for the most of people an one time venture, and especially when it occurs in taking this major step overseas, the question that arise is : Is this safe, or could it be turned to an adventure ?

 Avoid problems by choosing to work along with a local professional real estate agent.

Here are some reasons why a buyer should choose to work with an experienced, qualified estate agent:


An estate agent is offering a wide range of properties matching the category, the region and the price range in turn, and is presenting these properties online through his website, portals, social media, so  you may spot the ideal properties straight forward, inquire for more information and make arrangements to view the chosen properties within a limited time and ask you questions in English , (some agencies offer their services in other European languages, as well), and get all the accurate, additional information needed in a professional manner, regardless of the property you will choose to go ahead with. On the contrary, viewing arrangements directly with different property owners in Greece who advertise their property online, can be turned to an adventure, in terms of luck of language communication and meeting time and place arrangements could be a time wasting and create problems.


An agent always knows the possibility of negotiation limits and has the knowledge and ability to achieve the best price on the benefit of the buyer. Especially in the case the agent can speak the Greek language, or even better the Cretan dialect in the case of a Cretan owner, he can achieve the best results, avoiding harming the seller’s pride, which is an essential factor on this island. Even some sincere comments, often have an emotional impact on the owner and can lead to a successful result and achieve a fruitful and beneficial deal for both sides. The professional agent, as an objective party of good will, can guarantee and secure the best interest of both seller and the buyer and protect, their best interests.


Since buying a property, for the most people, is a onetime venture in their life time, buying a home in Crete-Greece, is not a simple procedure. There are technical and legal issues, which should be clarified before the sale completion, which only a professional can facilitate in collaboration with experienced lawyers and civil engineers, in cooperation with the property owner and the Notary public. Your estate agent will guide you, step by step, in order to avoid any problems and delays and complete the financial transaction and sale procedure smoothly. avoiding bureaucracy complications.


In the first place comes an experienced estimation in relation to the selling price.A professional estate agent, is aware of the market trends and will be able to provide an accurate, realistic, and just consults, concerning the asking price, which is a major factor, that will ease a quick sale and will avoid any capital loss, which could occur by a direct sale.Since Today’s life rhythms do not allow life stopping when you decide to sell a house, and it is something that takes time, effort, and promotion activity.The agent has a professional purpose, which is to promote property sales and complete each procedure smoothly and fast. In this case, you save time and create circumstances for a quick and fair property transaction.