Clear Procedures

Our clients are fully informed regarding all the processes, the economics and the technical details from the plot purchase to the completion of the construction.



Individual Architecture

The architectural design is developed according to the requirements and individual preferences of our clients who cooperate and give their own identity and character to the final result.



 Bioclimatic Design

With respect to the greek architecture and to the environment, we design and construct following the traditional morphologies, with ecological and traditional materials adapted to the needs of a residential or commercial building.




Design to the Budget

From the design process to the construction management we aim to optimize the balance of well-designed and cost effective constructions.


Designing on the edge of technology

Following the latest technology, we provide to our clients, interior and exterior photorealistic renderings, of the day and night lighting design. This service provides to the owner a full view of our design proposals and has  the opportunity to cooperate in the design process.                                                                                                                                                                                    






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