Architecture / Construction

Architecture / Construction

Our Team consists of Architects and Engineers, covering the whole process from Design to Construction and the final home delivery. Our Team, in close cooperation with our specialized construction crews, undertake the whole construction process and provide High quality craftsmanship, exceptional standards in cost control, planning, scheduling and project safety are our principles when it comes to home construction.

Why Choose Us to Design and Build your home on Crete

When it comes to Designing and Building vacation homes, our Team has developed a unique workflow starting from the support of the plot purchase, continuing to the Design and Budgeting and finally to the Construction.

Our clients choose us because we offer:

  • Contact via special Project Management platforms with the owners to ensure continuous and organized contact for the project
  • Custom Made Architecture
  • Processes which guarantee the Financial Efficiency on the project and Cost Control
  • Good Building Quality and Craftsmanship
  • Customised Technical Solutions
  • Predefined and locked construction budget without surprises
  • We specialize in running successfully projects of owners living abroad

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Budget each project?

Based on the specific plans and measures of the project, we calculate and analyse the different cost categories and deliver to the owner the "Project's Book" based on our basic building standards and any specific options of the owners. The analytical budget breakdown gives the capability to the owner to manage the available budget properly in order to achieve cost efficiency in the project.

Is the the budget of a building project fixed?

After the design is finished and we have delivered to the owner the precise cost analysis, the budget of the project is fixed by signing a building contract.

Do you insure your projects against risks?

Yes our projects are covered against risks and dangers with private insurance contracts for building projects.

I don't live on Crete permanently. Will I be able to follow up the progress of my project?

Our workflow allows to the owners to participate, contribute and follow up the whole process of a building project. With the use of  a special project management platform where our team's members and the owners are members, the project is being developed harmonically without any communication issues.

What is your region? Do you offer your services in other regions of Greece rather than Rethymno - Crete?

Our region is Rethymno - Crete - Greece. We offer our architecture services for projects allover Greece and our building services for projects located within the region of Northern Rethymno, Central Rethymno, Southern Rethymno, Eastern part of Chania and Western part of Heraklion.

Do you provide craftsmanship warranty?

Yes we provide two years of craftsmanship warranty for our building projects.

What are the building standards you provide?

The building standards are analytically provided to the owners at the delivery of the "Project's Book" of each project. We follow our good quality standards for main structural  and non-structural elements.

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