About Us

About Euroimmo

Founded by Nikos Kasotakis back in 1991, who was one of the pioneer Real Estate agents in Crete conducting transactions in the international market, the company is established as one of the most reliable real estate agencies on Crete, with a network of associates all over Crete and Greece.

Since 2012 Euroimmo is also staffed with a technical team of Civil Engineers and Architects and provides construction, architectural design, home renovation services and full technical cover facilitating property transactions of the sales department. Offering integrated solutions around the property market and the construction field, Euroimmo is considered as one of the few one-stop-shop companies on Crete.

29 Years in Real Estate

We help our customers have their home...under the sun!

Our mission: To support and upgrade Real Estate on Crete

We help our customers to find their “best-fit” Real Estate solutions, by offering a variety of properties and by offering integrated architecture and building services.

The two different units of our company combine the market knowledge (Real Estate Agency) and the technical art (Architecture) and science (Engineering) resulting to integrated services around properties, aiming to support our mission...An upgraded Real Estate Market on Crete.

Meet Euroimmo Team

Nikos Kasotakis
Founder CEO
Giorgos Kasotakis
Chief Engineer
Menelaos Kontogiannis
Real Estate Manager
Theodore Tsachakis
Engineer - Construction Manager
Argiro Kourmoulaki
Dimitris Maratos
Engineer - Project Manager

Innovating minds - Better Outcome!
Each member of our team, gives something unique to our services.

Our Real Estate Specialists have a wide view on the market and examine the specific wishes and preferences of the possible buyers in order to result into successful property transactions.

Our Architects and Engineers work together on the Design, Budgeting and the Construction of our projects. Our technical team aims to deliver high quality standards of architecture, engineering and construction services and fulfill the dreams and wishes of our clients.

Euroimmo team welcomes you to the lovely island of Crete.

Find your property on Crete
In cooperation with professional real estate associates allover Crete, we offer a great variety of properties. Our people work hard to provide the best real estate services, with a day-to-day updated properties database, direct response to enquiries and full technical and legal cover on every transaction.
Βuild your dream home on Crete
Our Architects and Engineers Team, can help you design and build your custom-made dream home, that fully responds to your needs. Following the European Standards under the National Regulations and our passion for Architecture and long-term value of Real Estate, we build…different!