Engineering Services

Our experienced engineers support and advise you with their well-founded and proven expert knowledge in various engineering tasks such as:

  • - Structural Stability Evaluation of existing buildings
  • - Structural Analysis and Design of new buildings
  • - Energy Performance Studies
  • - Energy Performance Certificates
  • - Legalization of arbitrary buildings
  • - Technical Checks for property purchases

Why Choose Euroimmo for Engineering Services

Engineering is a field that requires extended experience and practical application of scientific knowledge. Our engineers have a long experience of practical implementation at all engineering aspects, derived from the everyday supervision of our company's construction projects and also by supporting our company's real estate sales.

Our clients choose us because:

  • We offer Technical Consultancy and Support to buyers and sellers of properties.
  • We specialize in Structural Stability Evaluation of existing buildings.
  • We have a long practical experience in the construction field and property selling planning and technical documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an Engineer necessary for a property transaction?

Every property transaction requires the services of a certified Engineer, for the following aspects:

  1. Technical Research of the property deeds.
  2. Measurement and plans creation of the property.
  3. Certification that all the structures of the building are legal.
  4. Legalization Process in case of arbitrary structures (structures built without a building permit).
  5. Energy Performance Certificate of the building.
  6. Structural Stability Evaluation (not always necessary).
  7. In case of a plot of land, technical checks to certify the build-ability of the plot and the building rights.

I want to sell my property. What is the process for the technical checks?

The steps that need to be followed are the following:

1st Step

Measurement and topographic survey of the plot of land and the existing buildings.

2nd Step

Technical Check of the measurements, to approve that they match with the building permit.

3rd Step

In case the engineer finds any arbitrary buildings or an increase in dimensions, starts the process of legalization.

4th Step

The Energy Inspection Certificate is executed and also the Legality Certificate of the property.

5th Step

All the necessary plans and documents are delivered to the notary in order to be attached to the selling contract.

I want to buy a property on Crete. Do I need to hire an Engineer?

According to the law, it is not mandatory for the buyers to hire an engineer. However, for the best interest of the buyers, it is advised to hire an engineer to execute a technical check of the property. It is advised both for plots of land and resale houses.

When is a Structural Stability Evaluation necessary?

Greece and even more Crete are located in a seismogenic region, which makes structural stability a very important parameter for the safety of human lives and the safety of the invested value in a property.

A structural stability evaluation is legally mandatory when there are large-scale arbitrary structures (more than 25 sq.m.) in the property and also in case of obvious damaged structural elements.

Further from what the law requires, property buyers often hire our engineers to inspect, measure and report about the structural stability of the property to be purchased.

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