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What does “home” mean to you?

What does it really, truly, deeply mean to you?

The isolation of the Coronavirus has made this question even more interesting.

Do you love your home? Do you enjoy every corner of your home, every moment, every day of your life? Could you stay there every minute of every day for a very long time? Can your home fit into a daily routine?

For us at Euroimmo, this has always been the question we ask ourselves when planning your home in Crete, Greece. In order to design it, we need to know where you want to have breakfast, in which corner of your house you want to read a book, etc.

For us, it is equally important to know whether it is a small or large house, a holiday home or your usual home, a low budget house or a luxury villa.

Each client is unique and that is how we work on each project, as an individual.

Your desire for your home is our job.

I clearly remember my very first project as an architect many years ago. The wife’s biggest concern was to fit 35 people in the dining room once a year for her husband’s birthday! As crazy as it sounds, this was the most important thing for her. So, it was our pleasure to make her happy!

We use our knowledge to make your wish even better and appropriate for you.