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Euroimmo offers integrated services around properties sales, architecture, construction and consultancy. Founded back in 1991, the company is established as one of the most reliable real estate agencies on Crete, with a network of associates all over Crete and Greece.

Since 2012 Euroimmo is also staffed with a technical team of Civil Engineers and an Architect and provides construction, home renovation services and full technical cover facilitating property transactions of the property sales. Offering integrated solutions around the property market and the construction field, Euroimmo is considered as one of the few one-stop-shop companies around properties on Crete.


Price: 100,000€
Agia galini, 2 building plots 4,200sq.m each. South Rethymnon
Agios Georgios 2 building plots of 4,200sq.m. for sale, near a sandy beach, with panoramic views over the sea.
Plot Area: 4200 m2
Building Rights: 187 m2
ID: 4848
Price: 990,000€
North Rethymno 2 Luxury villas with 8 bedrooms for sale.
Stavromenos 2 luxury villas for sale with sea views, at the edge of the village.
Plot Area: 854 m2
Building Area 412 m2
ID: 4640
Price: 2,650,000€
Old Town Rethymno hotel for sale
Old Town Rethymno hotel with venetian architecture and 22 rooms
Plot Area: 525 m2
Building Area 1129 m2
ID: 4456
Price: 99,000€
Georgioupolis, building plot 700sq.m. for sale with sea views.
Chania Kavros building plot 700sq.m., with sea views. West Crete
Plot Area: 700 m2
Building Rights: 420 m2
ID: 4582
Price: 1,600,000€
Rethymno hotel for Sale in the town.
Crete hotel-apartments for Sale. Rethymno hotel-apartments unit situated just 50m from a lovely sandy beach. real estate North Crete.
Plot Area: 800 m2
Building Area 1100 m2
ID: 2713
Price: 250,000€
Plakias building plot for Sale and enjoys distant sea views.
South Crete, Plakias architects villa for Sale, off plan project with swimming pool and distant sea views.
Plot Area: 285 m2
Building Area 90 m2
ID: 3788
Price: 105,000€
North Rethymno, 2 building plots. with sea views. Arkadi Region
Between Amnatos and Kapsaliana 2 building plots 6.700sq.m. and 4.500sq.m. for sale, upon a hill, with sea views.
Plot Area: 11000 m2
Building Rights: 430 m2
ID: 4648
Price: 790,000€
Rethymno 398sq.m. Luxury villa for sale with sea views.
Rethymno luxury villa for sale, near the beach, 398sq.m., with sea views, and 5-6 bedrooms. New reduced price!
Plot Area: 1204 m2
Building Area 398 m2
ID: 4443


Price: 60,000€
North Rethymno, Stone house 140sq.m with Sea views
Near Adele, Stone house 140sq.m. for restoration
Building Area: 140 m2
Plot Area: 254 m2
ID: 4910
Price: 150,000€
Stavromenos, building plot 7,095sq.m. wtih sea views. North Rethymno
Viran Episkopi building plot 7.095sq.m. For sale, within the countryside, 4 kms from the sea
Plot Area: 7095 m2
Building Rights: 240 m2
ID: 4909
Price: 135,000€
Gallos Rethymno, building plot 1.010sq.m. with sea views.
At the edge of Gallos village, building plot with 400sq.m of building rights for sale. North Rethymno
Plot Area: 1010 m2
Building Rights: 400 m2
ID: 4908
Price: 875,000€
Τraditional Venetian Stone villa for sale with distant sea views. North Rethymno
5-bedrooms Stone villa 220sq.m., with swimming pool. North Rethymno
Building Area: 220 m2
Plot Area: 300 m2
ID: 4907
Price: 220,000€
Rethymno town holiday apartments for sale
Rethymno furnished apartments for sale near a sandy beach with panoramic views over the sea
Building Area: 50 m2
ID: 4906
Price: 185,000€
Land plot for sale in Sissi, Lasithi
Land plot for sale in Sissi, Lasithi
Plot Area: 10000 m2
Building Rights: 300 m2
ID: 4905
Price: 2,300,000€
Complex of 4 Luxury villas for sale in Archanes- Heraklion
Complex of 4 Luxury villas for sale in Archanes- Heraklion
Building Area: 1022 m2
Plot Area: 8715 m2
ID: 4903
Price: 250,000€
Building land plot of 5.324m2 for sale with panoramic sea view in Mochlos
Building land plot of 5.324m2 for sale with panoramic sea view in Mochlos
Plot Area: 5324 m2
Building Rights: 220 m2
ID: 4902
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Why Crete is attractive to travelers, holiday property buyers & Real estate investors
Crete forms a significant part of the economy and cultural heritage of Greece, while retaining its own local cultural traits (such as its own poetry and music). The total population of the island is around 650.000. There is no heavy industry on the island and, apart from tourism, locals engage in livestock rearing (predominantly sheep and goats) and produce high quality olive oil from the ubiquitous olives.
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5 Tips to Manage the Construction Budget of your dream home
One of the most common anxieties for people who wish to build their dream home is to preserve the available budget. The construction projects have a bad reputation of getting easily out of rail regarding the Budget. This can be very frustrating for the owner so here are some tips that you should certainly take into account:
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