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Euroimmo offers integrated services around properties sales, architecture, construction and consultancy. Founded back in 1991, the company is established as one of the most reliable real estate agencies on Crete, with a network of associates all over Crete and Greece.

Since 2012 Euroimmo is also staffed with a technical team of Civil Engineers and an Architect and provides construction, home renovation services and full technical cover facilitating property transactions of the property sales. Offering integrated solutions around the property market and the construction field, Euroimmo is considered as one of the few one-stop-shop companies around properties on Crete.


Price: 850,000€
Rethymno 398sq.m. Luxury villa for sale with sea views.
Rethymno luxury villa for sale, near the beach, 398sq.m., with sea views, and 5-6 bedrooms. New reduced price!
Plot Area: 1204 m2
Building Area 398 m2
ID: 4443
Price: 150,000€
At the edge of Spili village stone house 120sq.m. With panoramic landscape views
Spili, Restored traditional house for sale 120sq.m.
Plot Area: 182 m2
Building Area 120 m2
ID: 4602
Price: 400,000€
Rethymno 2 villas of 400sq.m. for sale, with sea views.
Rethymno 2 villas for sale, upon a hill, with 8 bedrooms, under construction.
Plot Area: 4500 m2
Building Area 400 m2
ID: 4633
Price: 40,000€
stone house for Sale at the edge of the village.
Crete Panormo-Bali traditional stone house for sale in the village of Siripidianna.
Plot Area: 100 m2
Building Area 90 m2
ID: 2733
Price: 78,000€
Near Plakias, restored old stone house for sale with landscape views for sale.
Near Plakias, stone village house for sale 103sq.m. Restored. Panoramic landscape views.
Plot Area: 63 m2
Building Area 103 m2
ID: 4527
Price: 150,000€
Mariou building plot for Sale and enjoys sea views. South Rethymnon
Plakias Mariou investment land for sale at the edge of a traditional village. South Crete real estate
Plot Area: 2247 m2
Building Rights: 400 m2
ID: 4224
Price: 105,000€
North Rethymno, 2 building plots. with sea views. Arkadi Region
Between Amnatos and Kapsaliana 2 building plots 6.700sq.m. and 4.500sq.m. for sale, upon a hill, with sea views.
Plot Area: 11000 m2
Building Rights: 430 m2
ID: 4648
Price: 120,000€
Near Rethymno, building plot 8.366sq.m. with sea views.
11 kms from Rethymno town, building plot 8.366sq.m. for sale, upon a hill, with sea views.
Plot Area: 8366 m2
Building Rights: 260 m2
ID: 4635


Price: 160,000€
Roumeli 3-bedroom house 120sq.m. with panoramic landscape views for sale.
Panormos Roumeli, house for sale 120sq.m, with mountain and landscape views.
Building Area: 120 m2
Plot Area: 1040 m2
Building Rights: 280 m2
ID: 4766
Price: 95,000€
North Rethymno, building plot 4.980sq.m. with sea views.
Agia Paraskevi building plot 4,980sq.m. for sale, upon a hill, with sea views.
Plot Area: 4980 m2
Building Rights: 205 m2
ID: 4765
Price: 165,000€
A Lovely renovated two bedroom stone house in Melambes
Two bedroom renovated stone house of 100m2 within Melambes village
Building Area: 100 m2
Plot Area: 100 m2
ID: 4764
Price: 60,000€
Chromonastiri village, building plot 910sq.m. for sale with landscape views.
North Rethymno building plot 910sq.m. for sale, at the edge of the village, with landscape views.
Plot Area: 910 m2
Building Rights: 400 m2
ID: 4763
Price: 600,000€
Near Prines house 150sq.m. for sale. North Rethymno
Near Rethymno, 4-bedroom house for sale 150sq.m. Landscape views.
Building Area: 150 m2
Plot Area: 4000 m2
ID: 4762
Price: 750,000€
Rethymno 340sq.m. Luxury villa for sale, with sea views.
Rethymno luxury 4-bedroom villa for sale, at the edge of the village, 340sq.m., with swimming pool, sea views.
Building Area: 340 m2
Plot Area: 750 m2
Building Rights: 200 m2
ID: 4761
Price: 230,000€
Margarites Stone house 180sq.m. with distant sea views. Norht Rethymno
Near Perama, tradistional house for sale 180sq.m. Restored. Distant sea views.
Building Area: 180 m2
ID: 4759
Price: 210,000€
Near Plakias, building plot 8.045sq.m. for sale with panoramic view over the sea.
Plakias building plot 8.045sq.m. near the beach, with panoramic view over the sea. South Rethymnon
Plot Area: 8045 m2
Building Rights: 310 m2
ID: 4758
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Greece as a member of the EU, follows the European norms and standards regarding every legal aspect and this also includes the building regulations. Since 2010 in order to acquire a building permit for a new building or for a large scale renovation of an existing building, one of the necessary studies that must be executed is the Energy Performance Study, following the standards of the K.EN.AK. (Energy Performance Regulation)....
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Without disregarding the dramatic consequences (loss of life, threat of economic downturn) of the coronavirus pandemic, it is quite interesting from the perspective of a neutral observer to look at the specifics of this crisis and what might happen the next day. In the past, global crises, whether caused by wars, viruses, economic collapse, climate change or radical political ideas, have constantly changed the perspective in which humanity lived, accelerated...
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The Greek financial crisis started in 2010 and bottomed out in 2015, with two elections and a referendum. Since 2015 and until today, Greece has recovered quite a bit, the economy has improved a lot and the economy has grown strongly. In addition to the economy as a whole, the real estate sector has also recovered significantly, with increasing demand from Greeks and even foreigners for apartments in cities and...