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Our home is the place where we spend most of our lifetime. It is not just a structured space, it has emotional value for the person who lives there and significantly affects his life. There is no recipe for the perfect home, because every home should be designed to serve the needs and desires of those who live in it. However, there are some directions that can contribute to the space functionality. Examining each space separately we can identify many of them.

 - Entrance area -

Firstly, the entrance area would be good to include a mirror and a piece of furniture where you can leave keys and whatever else you may need. The mirror helps you to check up yourself before leaving the house. The mirror should not be located directly opposite to the entrance. If there is more space, one bigger piece of furniture for jackets, bags and shoes can be placed. 




 Kitchen -

If possible, the kitchen should be located close to the entrance, with access to a secondary outdoor area and close to the storage area. Ergonomic design based on the user needs is necessary for the optimal space use. However a general direction is the "housewife triangle". This is the instruction where the hob, sink and refrigerator are placed in a triangular arrangement with the sink in the center and at right distances, neither too close nor too far. The kitchen island is also a solution that can facilitate the preparation of food and at the same time to have a secondary dining area.

Living & Dining Room -

To continue with the living room and dining area, which in most homes are currently open planed, it is very important to choose the right position for each one. The dining area sould be placed close to the kitchen, to avoid spending time with unnecessary routes. Regarding the living room, it is proposed the arrangement to form a "Π", where on one side will be the sofa, on the other the composition with the TV and / or the fireplace and on the third side will be the opening. The size of the sofa is proposed to be chosen based on the number of people living in the house +5 more. 






 - Bedrooms -

Finally, the bedrooms are recommended to be placed at the most remote and quiet part of the house, away from the living room, kitchen and dining room that may be noisier. It would be nice also if they have a private outdoor area (balcony, terrace, courtyard). The bed is recommended to be placed opposite the openings, in order to achieve the maximum view and a better lighting.

 The importance of furniture choice -

Apart from the above directions that concern each space separately, there are some instructions that generally concern the choice of furniture and can improve both the aesthetic result and the functionality of the house. The furniture and objects that decorate a space must have the suitable size in relation to the dimensions of the space. Very large furniture  do not fit in a small area, due to they tend to make the room look smaller, take up space that could be used by storage furniture that can serve the functionality while often prevent the free crossing in the space. It is important that furniture to be placed opposite or perpendicular to the openings and to be selected in dimensions that do not block the motion, in order to create a fictitious line between the openings. Thus, beside the free motion, it is achieved the best lighting, the best energy flow and the space looks bigger.


The importance of the objects position -

Except for the furniture choice, the object position in a room is very important. The right object allocation is necessary to achieve balance. Objects should not be placed only on one side but in different parts of the space. But this doesn't mean that we give the same emphasis to each side. It is good to have a main composition in each space, ideally opposite to the entrance space, so that it is the first thing that someone sees when entering in it. Otherwise, the main composition can be placed at the side where is most visible to the user of the space. It is also suggested to repeat the decoration elements in two or more parts of the space in order to create a rhythm. A pattern, a color and / or a fabric can be repeated on two or more surfaces.

 Personalized design -

In closing, I would like to remind you that there is no formula for the ideal home. All of the above directions are just recommendations. So, before we start to design our home it is important to understand our needs and habits. The only solution is personalized design, so the house will serve us and not us the house. Thereby, the house will become the place where we will share beautiful moments and we will give us rest.