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 Since ancient times, home is the human’s way to protect himself from nature conditions, to create personal borders to the nature and at the same time it is the way to satisfy the primordial need of place appropriation.


 - What does "Appropriation " mean? -

Appropriation is the ability that human uses to meet his need for protection, stability and is guided by the instinct of survival.  It's the way of knowing an area to feel safety. With that way the area will eventually become a place. What's the difference? The area is defined by its nature features, such as use, geometry, structure, relief, etc., instead the place has a different value for each user and each user can have many different experiences.


 - The importance of housing as a connecting way with a place -

Human geographers believe that societies are clusters of places where people make sense of their actions, and if that happens, then place is part of their existence. So, it makes sense for people to look for ways to connect with places that they are important to them. Certainly, an important place for everyone is the one where their main home is located. However, there are many cases of those who appropriate places in different areas, or even different countries. These places usually bring human and nature in touch, in an effort to equilibrate the disconnection that brought about by the fast pace of life and the increased obligations of modern society. At first a short journey or a trip to this place may be enough to revitalize him. Over time, this is not enough and in order a person to seal his relationship with an important place for him, he often chooses to build a house, the holiday house.


- The holiday house in Greece -

The holiday house could be described as a Greek phenomenon, because 38.5% of the inhabitants have a secondary or holiday home. This percentage in other countries is much lower, with the typical example of Germany, where the number stands at 5.4%. This difference is justified because of the recent urbanization of the Greek society and the importance of the family institution. Many people moved to the cities, but they did not forget their kins and their friends in the country. In fact, many of them still have property there.


 - Holiday house in Crete as an appropriation mean by people from other countries -

The holiday house could be described as a Greek phenomenon for one more reason. In recent years it has been observed that people from different countries create holiday houses in the coastal and island areas of Greece, with a large percentage choosing Crete. The different qualities of places, the combination of mountain and sea, the countless beaches and the picturesque villages are just some of what the visitor meets and become the reason why he returns again and again, so that he finally decides to get his own house. So, Crete turns to be "his place", his sanctuary and the starting point to explore the fascinating landscapes of the island.