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New energy legislation for renting or selling a building property in Greece since 1/1/2021, following EU norms.

From 1 January 2021, the electronic identity of the building has been introduced, which will essentially be the register of the entire building stock of the country.

What is the identity of the building?

The electronic identity card is an organized electronic file that contains all the elements (documents and plans) of the building. The collection of all relevant documents is done with the assistance of a building engineer, who verifies that everything is complied with according to the letter of the law. These documents are kept by the relevant building engineers and are made available by the owners of the property in case of changes.

Why is the identity of the building necessary?

Today, for each building, there are different area identifications, which in many cases do not correspond with each other.

This lack of identification of the areas in the various entries of the property creates problems with correct recording.

Even with the identity of the building, each owner will have a complete picture of the legality or non-legality of their building, as well as its energy and static condition.

Obligation to do so, under the current legal framework, both new buildings (for those that receive a new building permit) and older buildings are obliged to be registered, but at the time of their transfer.

Electronic Building Identity will be required for every property transaction, except for lettings.

First, to have a building ID created, all arbitrariness, like Pergolas, living area added, or any part added beyond the initial building permit, must have been be legalized according, with any of the previous arbitrariness laws for them to be considered fully transactable.

Those owners of arbitrariness who have not settled the defaults will also be subject to restrictions and prohibitions for:

passing it on though selling it or bequeathing it to their children.

The process is carried out by the civil engineer through a special electronic digital platform "Building Identity" developed by the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), which is also the provider of electronic services to the Ministry, civil engineers, and citizens.

Also, starting from 1/1/2021 it is required that in all sales advertisements either via real estate agents, or by owners, the energy class of the building shall be mentioned According to the classification of the Energy Performance Certificate. This means that it is obligatory to obtain this before putting a property on the market for sale or rent, otherwise there are serious penalties by the Greek state in case of inspections.