All the information you need to build a house in Crete (Cost -Process)

Our 25-years of experience at the field of Real Estate and Construction, give us the capability to provide to our clients all the information they need, in order to build a house on Crete. At the current article, we will use an example of a 95 sq.m. house that we designed, for that purpose.

Project Description

Let's assume the client, is interested to build a small house based on a restricted budget. His wish is to have large exterior spaces, with a swimming pool and enough space for gardening. He would like a 2 Bedroomed house comprising  one bathroom, a kitchen and a living space. Regarding the architectural style, he wishes to build an one storey, traditional greek-cycladic house. He is aiming to use the house not only as a vacation for himself and his family, but he also wants to profit of it and have the capability to rent it as a summer holiday villa to generate income.

Plot of land

The first step is to find a plot that will fulfil all the conditions in terms of buildability, cost (buying and building) , location and views. It is very important for the buyer to have legal and technical consultancy, in order to avoid mistakes that can maybe cause problems. The technical consultancy, will secure to the buyer the buildability of the plot, in terms of building rights and architectural capabilities. The legal consultancy, will guarantee the legal terms of the purchasing process and clean ownership deeds, strarting from the legal controls of the plot to the completion with buying contract. For the purposes of this article, let's assume that the offered plot's final price is 50.000 euros, and that it is located close to a village,  and has a total the area of 4000 sq.m. , with total building rights of 200 sq.m. of main living area.


At the first step, the dream-house of the plot owner, is configured and illustrated by our architect-civil engineer's team. The first necessary plan, is the master plan, that shows all the interior and exterior spaces in a simple and clear way, that helps our client have a good understanding of the building project. As an example, our design team, in co-operation with the client, will shape and finally agreed on this plan (see the master plan down below):


Master Plan


Step 2 : After the creation of the Master Plan, we design the Elevation Views:


Elevation view


The final design stage is the creation of the photorealistic images, that will depict all the small details regarding the architecture, the materials and the night lighting:



Night Lighting:



Cost Analysis

After all the architectural details are agreed on and finalized, we proceed with the cost analysis for the building permit, EOT (Greek tourism organization) license and construction cost.

Building Permits and licenses

The cost for the building permit of the house is approximately 13.500 euros. The additional approximate cost for the swimming pool is 2.450 euros and the EOT License will cost approximately 2100 euros.

Construction Costs

The construction costs always depend on the material decisions and can vary a lot from one project to another. For the purposes of this article, we created a cost estimation for good quality of materials and appliances. You may have a general idea of the approximate building costs by visiting the following link : 

Holiday rental vila benefits

In case that the house is built as a holiday-rent villa, the owner will have a full return of the VAT expenses for the construction, which for this example is 36.225 euros and we should mention that a villa as the one in this example, can generate an income of 20.000 euros per year to the owner, under normal conditions.

Why to cooperate with Euroimmo to build your house on Crete

Since 1991, our office has provided it's services to hundreds of clients, coming from all over the world. Cooperating with Euroimmo, provides you the opportunity to have a full-package of services in matters of:

Both our sections, sales and technical , directed by experienced and expertised professionals, will guarantee for you, a smooth and integral step-by-step process, from the initial plot search and purchase, to the building permit and construction management of your dream-house on Crete.

Nikos Kasotakis - Certified Property Specialist -Sales Manager

Giorgos Kasotakis - Civil Engineer N.T.U.A. - Construction Manager


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